‘Dual face’

I am always afraid of those people who has dual face i.e. they will act something in front of you and suddenly change behind you. My question is that why they behave like this ? I think it is only because either they don’t have courage to speak the truth or they have something benefits from you. So if they are the first one leave them on their own fate but if they are in second list you have to take some action because they become bitter ones, once their need has been completed. Let’s throw them out the list of loving ones.

Love your life and live your life.

Who you are ?

“Who you are?” Why this question become important over the period of time. As the time passes, as you meet new people in your life and sudden change in the behavior of your loving ones, both of them affect you either in the positive & negative way. But when it hurts you, you goes into deep thinking, “Is it true that you exists for yourself ? ” Or “Are you doing which gives you immense happiness ?” In other way ‘Who you really are ?’ In this process many people spend most important time of his/her life. Choose your life wisely because at last you are the important for yourself and you are responsible for your good and bad life. Let’s think peoples about yourself but you think about yourself in your way.

Education System

If the same kind of process happens again and again, it creates a system. Similarly, in India the same kind of process of education imposing on every generation creates a very doom education system. In India most of the childrens feel education as a burden and don’t enjoy the process of learning. And the problem is that no one talking about it. In indian education system, a children is bounded by few kind of parameter like percentage, rank, medals, IITs, IIMs and Government job and if you are not the part one or the other then you don’t have done up to the mark according to the society. This is the reason why india is leading towards most depressed country (accor. to WHO). Hope that it will change one day and Indian parents & decision makers think about it.


It’s a very common mistakes done by parents, society or as a instructor that they give same kind of preachings to live a life without thinking about your interest. Once they start presaching they don’t ask about your interest or what you love to work. If you follow their instruction and achieve the goals, they take all kind of credit but once you fail by doing so they throw all kinds of blames on you. So if you are older enough to understand your interest then think about yourself first before thinking about anyone. Start working in direction of interest you will be successful person at last. But if you follow the instruction of others without listening the voice of your heart you will be loser in coming years. You will always confuse in every phase of life if you will not develop the art of listening the voice of your heart and you will always wait for someone for some instruction.

Love your life and live your life!!!

Women’s Power

Today’s the condition of women is very fraught.One side where the women like P.V. Sindhu,Sania Mirza,Saina Nehwal are achieve the position of success day by day but on the other side in backward area ,the girls are prohibited to getting education due to the thinking of narrow mind.Before a year, sex ratio of girls and boys were matter of worry but the very positive news from Haryana makes you proud because ratio of girls and boys increases and its reach at 950 per 1000.Its great change after “Beti Bachao Beti Padao Yojna.” Please change your view for girls.